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10 reasons to become persolog® Partner

Sole distribution right in your country
Supply your country with the proven persolog® products and services as persolog® Partner.

Proven business model

Become an exclusive licencee in the futuristic market of personnel development.

Part of an international network
Regular exchange and global contacts multiply experience and opportunities for success.

High standard product quality

The persolog® Models and material correspond to the latest research results. Furthermore, they are verified statistically on a regular basis and meet highest standards also with regard to visual effect and design.

Strong trademark appearance with persolog®
Profit from elaborated marketing concepts and the good reputation of the international trademark persolog®.

Ability to provide global multicorporate enterprises
Convince global players with your ability to supply products (paper and online) in over 30 languages.

Expand your portfolio with proven products and seminars
Use the entire range of high quality persolog® learning tools that are already used successfully in other countries. The Personality Factor Model has been successful on the market for almost 40 years.

Adapted to cultural differences

Country-specific features are taken into consideration in adapting and translating the products.

At latest scientific level
persolog® supports you in carrying out country-specific scientific studies in order to be able to provide convincing products in your country.

German quality: support from the headquarters

persolog® provides extensive help to get started. You will be given a certification training in your country as well as a detailed introduction phase at headquarters. You will obtain professional support on your way to having products translated and product development.


  • Your region has a minimum population of four million inhabitants.
  • You have several years experience in trainings and have a functioning network of trainers.


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Success Factors

We have been famous as a publishing house and provider of seminars in management circles since 1990. The figures speak for themselves: over one million analyses sold and more than five thousand certified trainer in the German-speaking countries alone.

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References of Partners

"Cooperating with persolog international is profitable in many respects: Persolog is a reliable and very responsive partner with high quality products. We always appreciate persolog’s excellent and friendly support at every level. We like their vision and dedication to become the leading company in learning instruments."

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